Our Products

We here at ECC bring passion and dedication to all parts of our operations—producing premium cannabis with remarkable characteristics and complexity.

We show appreciation for our environment through sustainable and efficient use of resources at every step in our production process. ECC products give you the benefit of the latest scientific advancements in cannabis production while staying true to our philosophy of high personal touch.


Our leadership stems from successful technology careers, so you will find innovation is at the forefront of our company’s process and vision.

Our computer driven aeroponics systems and their specially designed Hydro-atomizing spray jets eliminate the need for soil and significantly reduces use of water, energy, and nutrients. Our process virtually eliminates risk of disease and pests while delivering phenomenal plant output.

In the end it is the amazing plant yield that furnishes our consistent and reliable product, regardless of the time of year. At ECC, you can trust that it is always high season!