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Science & Technology

Science and technology is at the heart of everything we do at ECC.

We apply proven scientific principles and cutting edge technology to improve plant yield and to reach the utmost quality. Our methodology allows us to not only achieve consistent results but to maximize each strains genetic makeup to its highest potential. Our computer controlled aeroponics systems drives results and enables us to push the limits on what’s possible.


You can count on ECC for reliable, trustworthy, and sustainable cannabis—perfect for every occasion.

We believe that each strain of cannabis should be savored and enjoyed on a personal level appreciated for its unique attributes and characteristics. While most common strains are produced by many different growers, it’s our techniques that allow us to get superior results. We are mindful of all aspects from plant anatomy to genetic compounds. We test for THC, total Cannabinoids and Terpenes to accomplish our target outcomes and to meet our high standards.


Timeless perfection is put into each batch of oil that we produce.

We offer products with high terpene levels as well as high Cannabinoid contents. Our combinations create flavorful and potent equations, while at the same time our uncompromising extraction method focuses on color, flavor, and aroma. Our Director of Extraction has studied the practices of master extractors, underwent years of trial and error and has worked closely with equipment manufactures to develop his own special magic potions.

What We’re Growing


White Widow
Orange Spice
Lemon OG
OG Kush
Gorilla Glue
Blueberry Cookies


Green Goo
Death Star
9lb Hammer



Green Crack