Our Team

Brian Martin


If there was one word to describe Brian that would be ‘driven’. Driven in everything he does from the long hours of studying scientific research, exploring new technologies to traveling the world seeking the latest cultivating equipment; and most important his unprecedented discipline to ECC’s quality formula.

Brian’s passion for the cannabis business runs deep with the death of his father who died from cancer in 2005. Many years were dedicated to learning about the medical benefits of cannabis and experimenting with growing various different strains and understanding their diverse uses.

ECC’s quality formula is at the center of Brian’s inspiration, establishing a set of standards that marry science and technology with individual hand crafted excellence—what ECC calls High touch High tech.

Corbin Credelle

Director of Extraction

A love of music festivals, glass art and global travel, Corbin has gone far and wide in search of his passions. Even at a young age he was always inquisitive and adventurous, following his dreams whatever or wherever they may be.

Today, Corbin is no longer following, he is a trailblazer steering the way to groundbreaking extraction methods. With nearly 50K Instagram followers himself, Corbin is setting the bar high in Washington State. Constantly seeking unique combinations of terpenes and innovative processing techniques, he brings to ECC the perfect blend of magic touch, distinctive character and a profound appreciation for great cannabis concentrates.

Valerie Laird


A veteran marketing leader in software tools and technologies Valerie understands what it takes to build a robust and compelling brand in rapidly changing environments.
Multiple recognized awards for integrated marketing programs and merchandising, she has a keen awareness of consumer perceptions and a strong instinct for future trends. Like the rest of the ECC team Valerie is disciplined in her craft and brings a fresh enthusiasm that is often called contagious.

With a high business acumen and operational expertise ECC relies on her for developing standards and regulation compliance across the organization.

Dylan Renfro

Lead Grower

Simply the nicest guy you will ever meet. Dylan is a breath of fresh air, has a wonderful positive attitude and always with a ready smile. He has a strong background in warehousing practices and; agriculture and landscape gardening. Hailing from Kansas, he brings solid Midwest values and a love for all things grown from the earth.

Dylan is endlessly searching for new innovations in horticulture practices; continually experimenting with techniques along with measuring and cataloging results. The science behind our aeroponics growing systems is the ideal instrument for Dylan’s to craft his cultivating masterpiece.